September 25, 2011

Boozy Cantelope Sorbet

How's that for a title? I had a cantelope that I let sit on the counter for too long. It was sweet and tastey, but too soft. So I started looking for a recipe too use it in.

The sorbet promised too be easy, without sugar, and used gin to keep out from getting rock hard. So I threw it all in the blender with some orange jest and a little honey just in case. For hours later it looked yummy.

Scooped some up for my daugherty and I and....."Mom, did you put zest in. here?"  Yes, I Did. Do you like it? "Uh, you better taste it" she says with a twisted up face.

Ugh. Idk. Was it the gin or the orange rind? Nasty nasty stuff. We even doused it with honey to see if that helps. Sadly no.

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