September 22, 2011

Forgive me, I have not blogged the crafting.

Wow. Has it really been that long ago? April?? Really? Oh well, I am back now.

The last thing I remember crafting before dropping out of sight or blog land are the accessories for my daughter's Jr. prom. She didn't want me to post it on the web until after the prom. That was back in May? Hmm. ..piss poor excuse to show up again in September I know.

Making her accessories was so much fun because she didn't go with the typical HS prom outfit. She wanted to be herself which is very artsy and smart. Her personal theme was steampunk and boy did she rock it!!

Together we made her facinator, even  the top hat portion. A combination of sewing and gluing did the trick. Added some feathers, a playing card, and red ribbon to match the corset. There is even a skull bead among the feathers.

Speaking of the corset, there is a tank worn underneath it. Since the thin straps did not go well with the look, we added black lace to the straps and the front portion. It went from plain, to dramatic.

The earrings were made from sale parts I found at JoAnn's Crafts and so was the black center piece for the necklace. The beads and long red crystal were re-purposed from an old pair of my earrings.

The choker was made from some black brocade that I had (tag sale find) and I just threw on a clasp for the back. That too had little red crystals hanging down the back.

Lace from a spool as well as fabric lace were used to make the fingerless gloves. Embarrassingly easy to sew. Just trace the hand and sew it up the side. Doubling over the fabric prior to sewing the glove resulted in a better looking lace pattern and a "pocket" to put in the red ribbon.

Now here is a confession. All of the close up shots in this post were cropped from other photos because I didn't even take close up shots of the accessories. Doh!

Wait till you see what we are going to make this weekend for her Halloween outfit.

Mata nā!


April said...

Amazing! I can't wait to see your Halloween post!

Brenda S. said...

Thanks April. I had no idea that you read my blog. I am honored!