April 8, 2011

365/61 How to Make Tropical Yogurt

Belated Post for Tuesday, April 8th

I have finally gotten back to cooking healthy and eating lots of fruits and veggies. What I have discovered is that I don't do well when I have lots of bread or flour based foods. Bready carbs make me sleepy, sluggish and give me lots of heart burn. Does this happen to you too? Some people can tolerate them well, but I need to keep my consumption of them low. 

I have also been trying to cut out white sugar so I no longer eat milk chocolate but have switched back to the darkest chocolate I can find since it tends to have a much lower sugar content. My favorite is the Extra Strong Dark 77% Chocolove Bar..mmmm. love bar. I lie. I am a chocoholic and will eat the milk, but have been feasting on  the dark stuff instead and the 77% is yummy and smooth.

So what does this have to do with yogurt? I used to eat my plain yogurt with a little granola, chocolate chips, and honey on top. I just created a recipe for making a much better and healthier version that I now crave!

Tropical Yogurt
  • Plain low-fat or non-fat yogurt (has no added sugar)
  • cut up cantaloupe or seedless grapes cut in half or hey...both
  • 1/2 to 1tsp of Coconut Nectar or raw honey
  • 1 Tbs finely grated organic coconut flakes (without sugar)
  • 1/2 oz or 4-5 big walnut halves broken up
  • 1/2 Tbs bittersweet chocolate chips (I use Ghiradelli 60% and cut them in half because they are ginormous)

Place yogurt into your favorite bowl and top with the Coconut Nectar. Give the yogurt a light stir --- just enough to swirl the nectar around, but do not completely mix the two. Next add in the fruit, coconut, chocolate chips and finally the walnuts. 

This has become my favorite breakfast and snack. I prefer crunch in my yogurt and this recipe provides that. If you are following the Weight Watchers Points Plus Program then this is about 5 points. Give it a try, I think you will really like it. Let me know what you think.

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KATHY said...

I have discovered that eating sugar and flour - my favorite - flares up my fibromyalgia something terrible. But eating healthy - good lean protein, and lots of vegetable, limited fruits (sugar, no matter how you slice it) and plenty of water, cures most ills.
good for you!