April 5, 2011

356/58 & 59 Making Headway in Embroidery of Quilt

I have been doing data intensive consulting work, so after a day of that I really haven't been into spending more time on the computer. But today is blog catch up day.

Well, I am finally making some good progress with the embroidery of my Dead Parrot Pirate Quilt. Although I would like to be quicker at it, I find that I really am enjoying the process. Its very relaxing--when I'm not ripping out stitches. My hope is that by the time I have embroidered my way back up to the first "Yo" that I will be motivated by my new skills to redo that "Yo". It at least deserves an "o".

Here is a photo of my efforts from Saturday and Sunday night.

The Close Up

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