March 25, 2011

365:52 Y, y, y...eeeeee?

Today's post is about the letter "Y". Not just a letter, but the sound is also a word as in "Y, damn it, Y?" And the source of my late night "sigh". The answer? Because you are new at this. Love that one. But it is true. How easily those words of wisdom fall out of my face when my daughter is struggling with a new project, yet how briny and thorn covered when I must choke them down!!

Last night I began the embroidery of the song on the back of my Dead Parrot Pirate Quilt. It just so happens that the first letter I had to embroider was...."Y". How appropriate. Here is how it turned out:
Arrr, me 'earties Not exactly the look I was a goin fer. It be barnacle covered fer sure, if ya know what I mean. I thought I was clever. Just print out the text I wanted, in the size that would fit the designated space on the quilt back, pin it above that area for handy reference and off I go. Ya, I be off the map and this letter be goin oft ta Davy Jones' Locker. 

BTW: I outlined the letter first with split stitch and then used satin stitch to get a raised look. A great idea, but...

Embroidery is new to me, most definitely when it comes to text. I did research some sites on the how-to-part and there might have been something about, I dunno, practicing? I have a new plan. In addition to "practicing", I am going to print or trace these letters onto Sulky Light Tear-Away Stabilizer. Then I can embroider directly onto the image and just "easily" remove the stabilizer when done. Easy Peasy. Bwahahahahaha.. I mean Arrrrrrrrr... If that not be to me likin then there is always paint.

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Zennic Designs said...

Oh yes... that eternal need for "practice"! That part of the equation often eludes me as well, brought on by a mix of a desire to finish and a slight delusion about the task!