March 23, 2011

365:50 An hour for a Dead Parrot Pirate

I managed to sneak in a hour last night, while cooking dinner, to work on the Dead Parrot Pirate Quilt. As I was free motion quilting I kept thinking of what a pain it would be to have to remove those tiny stitches if I made a major mistake. And then... I did. One of the corners in the back got folded over on itself and I accidentally stitched it down to the quilt that way. Honestly, correcting it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. So now I have pinned down all the edges of the quilt so that can't happen again. Must learn to listen to that little voice a little sooner.

No picks for last night's post, but I will put some up later today.  Looks like I will have a couple of hours that I can put into this project and finish up the fireworks section on the front. It's getting exciting!!!

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