March 18, 2011

365/47 Sad? Get Plaid and Ruffled!

Just look at my unhappy face. Poor thing, facing another summer with bunch of bores. That's right. My plain Jane t-shirts suck. 

Not only that, a fair number of them don't fit. The one I am wearing I bought for about $3 dollars on sale. The worst part? I bought two--both black. What's this got to do with 365 Days of Creativity?? I am turning my creative juices loose on my wardrobe. No more boring solid color Ts for me, except a couple...

I cut that nasty rag apart, reassembled it and added ruffle bling. So happy with it, that I have been wearing it all afternoon. Soon I will tackle boring black shirt #2 (or uhmm that Pirate Quilt).

Here is the real before pic and the after pic showing my newly crafted shirt. Don't I look happier, thinner, younger, prettier, taller and richer? Oh shut up.


Lately I have been seeing t-shirt modding, make overs, blinging and refashioning all over the blogs. I was inspired by many, but if you want to try the ruffle thing then hop over to Positively Splendid so Amy can teach you ruffle making that is so easy it's embarrassing and addictive!! Anyone need ruffles? She also has a tute for making a T into a cute bolero with ruffles.

My t-shirt was inspired by the blog Tea Rose Home. There are four different t-shirt tutorials all with different looks. Hers are the prettiest I have seen so far.

All of the tutorials I read suggested buying two of the same shirt, but I didn't want black on black. Besides if I am out shopping, I am not creating anything but debt. Instead I made use my old T and blue plaid fabric that my friend Amy S. recently gave to me. Thanks Amy S.! 

I made some changes to the original tutorial:
  1. First I had to mod my t-shirt so that it would be fitted rather than floppy.
  2. Used a t-shirt I already had and plaid fabric for the ruffles
  3. The ruffles spread apart when worn, so I added black ruffles (left over from reshaping my T) between the plaid ruffles.
  4. Without the ruffle neckline at top.
  5. The vertical ruffles just weren't looking good on the neckline so I added...more ruffles. This time I partially outlined the v-neckline with them. This changed the shape to a "u".
  6. Since the plaid fabric was cotton and prone to unraveling, I used my pinking shears to clean up the edges. Now it's shabby chic. Of course this occurred to me only after I made all those lovely ruffles. This doesn't need to be done to t-shirt fabric.
So, what do you think? Did I do good?

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Sachiko said...

Your shirt turned out so nicely, thank you for the link back!