March 13, 2011

365: Day 43 &44 Skullhead Nudibranch

DAay 43: Last night I started another nudibranch. I was looking at images of them and this one particular nudi - a Jorunna funebris (Funeral Nudibranch) just screamed "Make me!"  (The link is too a really nice video on a diving site.) Nudibranchs are very portable projects and the use up something a lot of us have: unmatched socks.

Again I started off with the upper part of the sock or the tube. This time I cute a rounded curve for the front of the nudi prior to stitching. Using an overcast stitch, I sewed up front and turned the sock inside out and stuffed it. The fun begins after the back is sewn shut. I used black DMC floss (split into 3 strands) to begin the embellishing. To make the circles I used the couching stitch. Basically one strand is laid down like an outline and another strand is used to sew the first one down (a two needle stitch). 
The nudi's don't seem to be symmetrical or fussy about their patterns, so neither was I. 

Last up, embroidering the best part--the skull. I think it really looks cool and is in keeping with the style of decoration on the Jorunna funebris.
Day 44: Today I got up early, ooops daylight savings time, not so early then. After photographing last night's creativity it was time to finish my project. To make the rhinophores (long black horn like things) I rolled up some black felt and glued it with Aileene's Fabric Glue. I must say that I much prefer the Aileene's tacky glue as it creates an immediate bond. The only down side is that extra glue doesn't dry clear on fabric. The fabric glue takes awhile to set up, and does not dry clear on the fabric. Just in case you care....

The gills were a lot of fun and take the longest to complete. Those I fashioned out of the remaining portion of the sock (heel to toe) but cutting out a section and stuffing with a tiny bit of stuffing. DMC floss was used the sew the gills in such a way as to ruffle the edges. Just like the last nudi, I used the feather stitch to add detail to the gills.

And here is my little helper Sparrow. She keeps me entertained.

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