March 6, 2011

365: Day 39 Green Horses

This has been a super busy week for me with clients (a positive thing) and although I thought about crafting all day long, it just wasn't going to happen. By the end of the night after cooking and cleaning up I just didn't have the energy to pull out supplies, craft something amazing,  put it all away, photograph my work, edit pics, uploads pic, write blog....bla bla bla.. I did get out my pencils, sketch book and markers and we watched some boring TV together.

Friday night I did see a cute project that I thought might be fun to do. I went to futuregirl's blog and downloaded her free pdf file for Sasha the Seahorse. (I love my Google Reader--it's where I found her blog.)

Here is my seahorse -- no name yet. She is made out felt and embellished with glass flower beads and Japanese seed beads. I might use some embroidery floss or beads to add more detail like a side fin or a pocket for baby seahorses.

I recommend using high quality wool felt/blend because the kids stuff you find a the big box stores just pulls apart when you work with it. This felt is wonderful to work with and the colors are deeper and more vibrant too. When working with such a small pattern good quality felt makes a big difference. I got a nice starter stash at Praire Point Junction.

Cutting out the pattern is a bit of a challenge and requires tiny sharp scissors especially for the tail and head details. I enlarged the pattern to 120%. Seahorse is 5.5" tall. I can see these as part of a child's mobile. Perhaps sans the beads for safety and sticking with embroidery floss.


twinkie0066 said...

If you do make a seahorse pocket remember the males give birth so you'll have to give him a boy name...

BJS said...

Yes, that is what I love about the male seahorses! I'm thinking some kind of sheer sparkly fabric would be fun.