March 23, 2011

365:51 A Better Looking Dead Parrot Pirate

Yo Ho Me 'Earties! I did as stated and finished up the quilting of the fireworks on the Dead Parrot Pirate. And true to my word here are better pictures of today's efforts. 

All that remains (ha ha ha ha) on the front is the free-motion quilting of waves in the 3" black border. I don't I have the right color thread so I need to shop for that tomorrow. Maybe a dark shiny blue or greenish blue color. But not black. And of course he needs his one eye sewn on. Arrrrr.

Aye matey, now you can see the pearl as it glows and glistens in the dead claw. A real treasure to be sure.
This is the backside of the quilt with the Articles of the Crew on it. You can see some of the fireworks in grays, blacks and silvers. I am hoping to embroider the song Yo Ho on the narrow border in the back. And perhaps those skulls as well. Perhaps I'll begin this part tonight until I can get the thread I need for the waves. 

Close ups of the "fireworks".
Now that you have seen the better photos, what color threads would you use for the waves?


Jean Baardsen said...

Hi Brenda,
Love your dead parrot - and your interesting sense of humor! Found you through the 365 blog. I was glancing at some of your posts and saw that you were going to make an anagram of your name. Did you? I love playing with words and letters, so I gave it a shot. The best I came up with was "He cracks band." Also got "Ah! Crack bends!" but that sounded kind of druggie.... :o) Jean

Zennic Designs said...

This is fabulous work! I love all the detail that is included.
"Ah! Crack bends" does sound a bit funny :)

DancesWithPitBulls said...

Arrrrrrrrrrrgh...Polly wants a stale dead cracker! This is awesome beyond words! I read about you on Noah's 365 blog. He sparked me with his skull a day project last year.

BJS said...

You guys are awesome! I love your comments. You are encouraging my silliness. Yea!

@Jean: I got Crab Shake, dark hand, crack beads, but couldn't use up all the letters. Your 1st name is also my middle name so I played with more letters. Something to tackle after wine eh?

@Zennic: Thank you. Maybe crack bends can be a story quilt or a zentangle prompt.

@DancesWithPitBulls: Ha ha ha aha ROFL. Love the stale dead cracker. You crack me up.