March 20, 2011

365/48 & 49 Aye Matey, it;'s that Pirate again...

I did a lot of work this weekend on the Dead Parrot Pirate Quilt. In fact, I am exhausted. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into, but I am enjoying the experience. Since the last time I worked on the quilt I was finally able to make some big decisions. 

Finally deciding what to do with the border of the quilt freed me up to work on it again. On day 48  I added a 3" border of black fabric.

I then attached the batting and began quilting down the pirate and his bones so that he would get all quilty looking or puffy not sure what the term is here. This is the first time I had done quilting without the back fabric being in place and I like the results. Quilting the parrot this way ensures that it will not show through to the back--a very good thing.
It's not so easy to see in the picture, but I also embellished the pearl some more with rainbow transparent thread. The pearl now looks like it is glowing in that dead claw. Better pics coming soon.

The back side of the quilt needed to be important too. It's too large an area to just ignore with plain fabric. So once the parrot was quilted I added the black back piece. Love fusible batting--makes life so much easier.

Now for some fun. I found Articles from a couple of pirate ships and settled on the one from the Revenge. A month ago I had downloaded about 9 different piratey fonts. Dafont is a great place to get some, but the best place for a pirate font is Once I had the ship's Articles to my liking I reversed the text and printed it out on transfer artist paper or TAP. The TAP was ironed onto tea stained fabric and then I attached it to the back of the quilt with Steam a Seam 2 . Honestly I doubt I would do any applique work or quilting without all this fusible stuff. It's magnificent!!

Back to the front: I started quilting the "fireworks with light blue rayon thread. It's a lot of fun to do, but gets tiring. So here is how the front looks now. If you click on the image you can view the larger size and see all the detailed work I did today.

Here is how part of the backside looks with the Article and the fireworks from the backside. I used a black multi-colored thread. Again, better pics next time so you can really see it.

Some time this week I plan to do (learn) fancy free motion quilting on that wide front border. Waves, waves  and more waves are what I will be quilting on the black border using a multi-color black thread or maybe that metallic black thread. The waves should look really cool from both sides--in my head anyway.

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