March 26, 2011

365: 53 & 54 All Wired Up

"I do believe there come a time when everything just falls in line, We live and learn from our mistakes...."

Great song eh? I really do have shameless fun creating my blog titles. But ya know, that song fits the craftivity I started last night perfectly. Last night my efforts sucked and looked hopeless, this morning -- you shall see. It all started with my Mom...of course it did. I promise this is not a therapy posting. lol.

It was Mom's birthday at the beginning of the month and my brother's and my niece too. Jeez. So what to do? Well if you have been reading my blog (thank you again for your lovely comments and encouragement!) you already know that I made my niece a really pretty wire frame and bead necklace

Mom said she wanted me to make a Pandora style bracelet and green. Thanks Mom. Although I make lots of different kinds of jewelry from some strange stuff like milk jug plugs, I am not glass bead maker. Ya okay that one class I took doesn't count and those beads would drag King Kong's neck to jungle floor. Being a Suze Orman follower, I decided to make do with what I had. I am an artist and up for the challenge.

A week later I had the answer. I really liked my niece's bday necklace so why not make something similar, but as a bracelet for dear Mom. Ya that's the ticket. I dragged the needed tools, beads, and wire to the couch... a terrible workbench to be sure. I made everything: wire frames, jump rings and clasp, but not the beads.

Don't show Mom this until after Sunday, that's when everyone gets their belated present. Here is her bracelet:
End link and clasp
Center Frame


The artsy view.       


Jean Baardsen said...

This is beautiful! Do you do all the wire wrapping in those sort-of square areas? That must take you a while!

BJS said...

Yep, I did all that wire wrapping. It actually took longer to make the square frames. Trying it out in copper first really helped. Once you get a rhythm going the wire wrapping goes quickly.