February 1, 2011

365: Day 18 Breasts for Charity?

Sunday night I was reading blogs and took a chance on recommended blogs from Google. Up came an artist request from Wendy Osher Eco-Art project: Something in the Water. This would ential crocheting for a cause, but not just another hat or scarf...this project was very different and a little wacky. Just my type!!

Becuase of this project I learned how make yarn from plastic grocery bags called plarn (you tube vid).--super easy. Then I learned how to crochet a breast (the wacky part) or I should say I got the general directions and faked the rest. If I can get more used plastic bags I might try to make a giant one.

Why a breast? In short the art project is about the toxins that are passed to our babies from breast milk. Toxins from plastics get there in many ways. Of particular concern to this project is the mass of plastic bags floating in the ocean that release toxins that end up in our drinking water and kill off wildlife. 

My breast, and yours too if you help out, will become part on an art installation at the American Jewish Museum in Pittsburgh. All the breasts that are received will be linked together to form a reef. Breasts of all shapes, sizes, and colors are needed for the project. Just one limitation--you must use recycled bags and not new ones. This way you are also helping the environment through direct action.

Without further ado, here is my breast. Well the one I made. I used a size N crochet hook and used grocery bags. Finished size is 6.5" round by 6" tall. It took about an hour including making the plarn.

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