February 14, 2011

365: Day 27 Haiku for Gilley and My Wallet

Post for Wednesday, February 9th

Today's creative endeavor comes from Day 39 out of the 365 Daily Creativity Journal. Yes, I know I am not at Day 39, but today needed an easy project given the day my cat and I had.
My beautiful Gilley

You see, I have this large cat, okay fine he is fat. Yes fat, the vet even said so. He is also very gorgeous. Alright, he is so fat that he can not clean his posterior when needed. Normally this is not an issue, but you see dear Gilley has long thick fur that traps everything. When on the rare occasion there is junk stuck to his bottom, I simply give him a butt bath and he dares not argue about it.

Well, he had diarrhea the past few days and was growling and hissing at everyone. Any attempt at a quick kitty butt bath would have resulted in my premature death or at least the loss of a limb. Gilley growled when I looked at him, walked by him or even mentioned his name. Life was not good for that sour puss.

Time for the vet. Oh what a treat. Gilley was held down and shaved like a lamb, BUT he was most uncooperative and completely freaked out as his eyes showed signs of near bursting. His butt was as red as Rudoph's nose. Not pretty, not pretty at all.
"Jeez, don't you have kitty pot for him or something?? Can I have some too?" 
So I left my little guy at the vets so that he could be knocked out for the rest of the clean up. While he was under sedation they also cleaned his teeth and removed one. Another tooth that was broken just fell out. The bill for the services had me stunned and distressed. However, Gilley was in a terrible state and could not have endured the fright from more shaving unless he was drugged. 

Here is the Haiku for Gilley:

Sickly growling cat
vet shaven, bill presented
sickly grumbling me.

Gilley is now doing just fine. Butt that view...ugh..

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