February 6, 2011

365: Day 24 Redraw

Time to redraw the Dead Parrot Pirate. There were portions of the parrot that needed refining in addition to deciding it's final size. Including a 2" border the finished size will be approximately 13"x19". 

Part of the process is to trace the image onto tracing paper. Knowing that I wanted to shorten an arm bone and move his hand father from the beak, I traced those parts of the parrot as well as the head onto 3 different pieces of tracing paper. When it came to tracing my subject, I just moved the different pieces of paper around until his parts looked right. This was much easier and far less time consuming than trying to redraw the whole image at once.

Having purchased the main fabric for my Dead Parrot Pirate art quilt, I needed to pick out coordinating fabric from my stash. It's a somewhat muted collection of fabric. I will be making blackened cheese cloth to use for his tattered rags. I think the purple fabric will be combined with the brown to make 2" wide stripes for the backing of the quilt. Not sure what fabrics will be for the borders. Might need to do a little more shopping.

Sparrow was a great help. She sat in the bags of fabric to make sure none had walked away. Good kitty. Do you think I can get her to wash up the fabric for me?

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