February 2, 2011

365: Day 19 What color is your money?

ME: Hey I know what to do for my 365 blog today! I will paint money, rip it up and then reassemble it collage style.

DAUGHTER: Uhm, isn't illegal to deface money?

ME: Oh, right. Darn. Like who would know if I did it? Oh ya, it would be on my blog. Duh, evidence.

DAUGHTER: I have packets of toy paper money you can have.

I love my kid! And so I colored money, not the legal tender kind, but still it was money. So the prompt I followed for Day 19 was to create something with or inspired by money. This was also my opportunity to play with the Neocolor water crayons that I have had for a year. The colors are really beautiful and vibrant. With no specific plan in mind I simply played with the supplies and since the money was free--no pressure to be perfect.

Neocolors are easy to work with. Just use them like a crayon only you don't need to perfectly color drawings or fill in the spaces. Once you are done drawing/coloring go over your work with a fan brush and a little water. Moving the brush in circular motion spreads the colors around nicely and they suddenly become vibrant. It's quite surprising and magical. You can layer the colors as they dry or mix them wet to get new colors. All that dark black is actually one of the crayons. There is lots of info on the web for playing with these.

When I was done playing with my crayons, I ripped up the money and glued the pieces in my journal. After that I used greens, yellows, and oranges to fill in the background. It's a good start and a great way to get to know the crayons.

My ulterior motive create a background for the Dead Parrot Pirate Art Quilt. I am thinking about painting my own background fabric and these crayons might work. I am not sure how to make them permanent on the fabric...but I am working on that. Perhaps using one of Golden's mediums might help. If you know, please leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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