February 25, 2011

365: Day 35 Back on track

I haven't created a thing all week. I did try though. My little kitty had her surgery on Monday-spayed. That put a big damper on my creativity. She is doing wonderfully and recovering quite nicely. It's really hard to keep a kitten from jumping around and pouncing on the big cat even when they have had surgery. For four days she had to wear a blue inflatable e-collar. She looked like a Titanic survivor. I was really tempted to inscribe Titanic on the collar and take her pic. Although she looks miserable in the photo, she really didn't fuss too much.

Wednesday night I tried to make an anagram of my name. Just too many consonants and not enough vowels to play with. If I came up with that the next step would have been to illustrate it. Last night I dreamed the answer, but promptly forgot it by morning.

So today I finally started the planning and design for my Dad's b-day gift. I had been thinking about this all week. He is a big John Wayne fan and right now I am into fabrics and quilting and found a way to combine both interests. Last week I saw a tutorial for cathedral window squares. After googling for more info I found a great tut for an easier construction method on YouTube. After reviewing the video about 5 times I wrote up the instructions.

The plan is to make a 15" square pillow with one large cathedral square (12.5") in the middle with a pic of John Wayne (6.75" sq) in the center of that. 2" brown strips will outline the the large square. Perhaps a few embroidered stars in a navy blue or gold color will add some spice to it. I will post some pics tomorrow of the plan along with my fabric choices and the helpful links. Maybe that anagram will revisit me tonight.

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