February 15, 2011

365: Day 32 Quest for a Pirate Song

I love Sulky black metallic thread!! Thread painting with this stuff was so much fun that I didn't want to stop. Luckily I have lots left over to play with for another day! Here is a close up of the metallic thread and how I used it underneath the cheesecloth to add a bit of sparkly mystery and drama to the quilt.

Check out my Dead Parrot Pirate now! He is so cool. This picture also shows the button eye I will be using as well as a metal button on the Pirate's skull cap. Can you see the black metallic thread beneath the cheesecloth? The picture doesn't show it as nicely as it looks, but it is there in 3 places surrounding the pearl/orb.

Here is an unobstructed view of the thread painting using the metallic thread. I pulled the cheesecloth back so you could see what I had done.
I decided to print a pirate's code, or song or map on the backside of the art quilt. The cream colored fabric below was too white, so I dyed it with tea bags and now it is ready to print the text on. I might add some inks or try burning the edges for a better effect. Please leave me a comment if you have any suggested pirate songs or codes I should use. 

Oh ya, the black fabric is for the back of the quilt as well as final border to the front. Oooh almost forgot. See that cord on the right side of the head? That was from my daughter's sailor bracelet that finally broke. It looks really good on the quilt...so that is going on there too.

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