February 6, 2011

365: Day 21 More Zentangles

I am late updating my blog, but I have been creating. This post is actually for Thursday 2/3/2011.

Making zentangles has been really addictive, so much so that I looked up more patterns. This time I also tried creating some of my own patterns and also gave the text version a go. Shading the images really adds depth and dimension that I didn't really expect, at least from mine. Some of the zentangles are labeled with their names. More can be found at the Zentagle site.

I think the last pic shows my best effort at Zentangle so far. If you Google Zentangle, some of the images are just amazing and very inspiring. In fact I am thinking of making a zentangle for the Dead Parrot Pirate art quilt. Perhaps to embellish the binding images.

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