February 18, 2011

365: Day 33 Dirtier Rags

I was thinking, that Parrot's rags are just not dirty and ratty enough. There really needs to be more contrast between the background, rags and the sparkly black thread. So yesterday I was brave and took out my brown and black ink pads and improved the appearance of the rags. I mostly outlined the holes and edges of the fabric with ink. Once I am done with all the quilting I will permanently tack down the edges of his fine garment.

Today it was time to tackle the pearl. I still couldn't decide on whether to create a pearl from embroidered threads, machine stitching, painting or some combo of those ideas. Ah, the path of least resistance. I decided to test out the water color crayons on fabric. 

Here is a close up of the finished pearl:
Once the pearl is dry, I can finish up the stitching for the left eye socket and attach the batting layer.

For the backside I had talked about printing a pirate song onto fabric. This art quilt is wider than it is long so perhaps a journal page with the song on one side and notes on the other might look good. Or perhaps I could just do the ship's Articles and some pirate signatures. Eye Matey, that be soundin good to me ears. Arrr....


vintagesusie & wings said...

Very Cooool my friend!!!

BJS said...

Thank you!!