February 15, 2011

365: Day 30 Dead Pirate Comes to Life

Post for Sunday, February 13th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!)

Watching the Pirate come to life is so much fun. This project has been so enjoyable. Today I spent several hours doing some hand embroidery.
Although I did spend sometime Googling embroidery stitches. I wanted to try something different, however the basic stitches seemed to fit the quilt best. I used the blanket stitch to outline the wing bones, eye and tongue and the outline stitch (stem stitch) for the claw. 
Close up of blanket stitch on wing bones
Embroidery around eye and tongue

Outline stitch for claws and blanket stitch on bone
Outlining the claw with light gold and dark gray makes the pearl (orb) seem like it is glowing. I am really happy with the way this portion turned out. Credit goes to my daughter for suggesting the idea. She is brilliant. 

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