February 15, 2011

365: Day 31 Rocking it Zentangle Style

Post for Monday, February 14th

Yep, another Zentangle. These seem to be my go to craft when I am out of time, tired or uninspired. Last night I was tired, but definitely inspired. I wanted bring my black clogs back from the dead by drawing Zentangles on them with white paint markers. Seemed like the perfect crafty idea. Well, I couldn't find the marker or I just didn't have one and if that be the case, the shoes weren't worth looking for anymore.

One of the 365 Days of Creativity prompts suggested working with what you find in your car. Too cold for that, but I used what was in front of me. A rock and a red permanent marker. (Yes I have rocks, sticks and leaves in my humble abode year round). Perfect, I didn't have to get back up. Maybe later this week I will get white paint pen for those shoes...maybe.


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