January 9, 2011

365 Creativity Project: Day 2

I was off to a late start but did a lot of work. I decided to do a quilt block for the Skull Quilt project to benefit the fight against domestic violence. It's not due until May, but I was excited and didn't want to risk loosing my enthusiasm or more likely forgetting about it. Here is the link to to the Skull-A-Day blog entry for the Quilt Block Inspiration Skulls.

I thought about ideas for this block most of last night and woke up thinking about it too. I decided to do a Mexican inspired skull, but of a cat instead of a human. Pets can be such a big comfort during difficult times and can bring you out of your head where all the negative messages live. This quilt block is in honor of the pets who help during times of need and for those who were also victims of domestic violence.

The first picture shows my attempts to draw skulls. Not many cats on there, but I decided to try to get a feel for a human skull first. Searching the Internet for pics was a big help.
Some are my attempts to copy what I saw and others are my originals. The Mexican sugar skulls were so interesting and joyful that I decided on that motif.

The second picture shows the paper pattern that I made for cutting out pieces of fabric. 

Next is the quilt block with the major sections sewn down (zig zag stitch) and then a close up shot. Right now I am at the embellishment stage where it will really start to come to life...hmmm. I hope to finish this tonight and post pictures of it in the morning. "Woem."

Although I enjoyed this, I am eager to get back to the Milkman's Daughter and make more rings. Now I have to get my hands on some more of those pull tags. Today was a great day!!

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Azurafae said...

I love the meaning behind the choice of a cat. It's true that animals are very comforting.