January 14, 2011

365: Day 6 or just follow the book

Here he is...Mr. Alien Pig Head. Well sort of. Today I was nervously doing my taxes, oh the joy of it, and didn't get a chance to be all that creative. Not wanting to miss a day of some creativity, I decided to follow the book: make something from the first fruit or veggie you encounter. Poor grapefruit. I wonder if it's embarrassed.My daughter says he is creepy and boarish (get it?). What would you name him?


SummerbabexManda said...

aww hes so cute! id name mr.pig alien thats just me omg hes definitely a swaggasarus! muahaha lol

DancesWithPitBulls said...

Hahahaha I am dying over the Make sculpture from hair in shower on your side bar. Good luck on your 365 challenge...Rebecca aka Dances with Pit Bulls

BJS said...

Thanks Rebecca, be sure to check out my post on Jan 17th: It's hair sculpture. Thanks for the encouragement.