January 2, 2011

Living a Creative Life

One of my goals for this year is to live a more creative life. From the time I was 3 years old I have been making things, all kinds of things. Some really cool and creative, some crap..but it didn't matter then. There was no judgment of intrinsic value or an instant degrading of self if "it" was "meh", just an understanding that working with my hands was fulfilling. Like a kid who makes a mud pie for the first time beaming with pride and joy ...yet oblivious to the mounds of gooshy mud on the floor and now wearing a smudged hand printed t-shirt: "Wow I made this is" is all that mattered.Creation happened. I have an innate desire, a need to create something and often. Often is tremendously important. I realize that it doesn't matter how good "it" is. The art I create for me serves one purpose only...experience the act of creation.

Yesterday's Mud Pie

I made mud pie yesterday! Uh, Figuratively, but definitely mud pie. Bullion crochet is something I have wanted to experiment with for over a year. It is used in free form crochet. I am sure it has a long tradition, but I am too lazy to look that up for you, but here are a couple links to tutorials:

So before I even had breakfast I started off my year with yarn I stole back from the kitten and a hook. I did it! After reading about the hows, I sat down and just created my first blob of bullion crochet.  Hmmm this gives me some ideas for wire-working too.

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