January 20, 2011

365: Day 9: Necklace for Milkman's Daughter

Layout for the necklace
After spending a fair part of the day doing data checking for a client, I wanted, no needed to doing something creative. I also want to keep up with my goal of creating everyday. I decided to pick up where I left off when I made the ring for the Milkman's daughter. I thought, easy peasy. This can't take too long. Ha. .

It took a couple of well spent hours and you can see for yourself how I did. I am mostly pleased, but there is still one link that doesn't hang properly. Doing another version of this necklace is something I look forward too. For one, I won't be using jump rings to connect the milk plugs. Wire might be a better connector and keep the plugs from flipping around. I would also like to design a clasp using one of the plugs instead of a lobster clasp.
The necklace does behave nicely when worn and even survived a surprise attack from Sparrow (stealth kitten). I think she wants to hide it away with the yarn she has taken from me.

Materials used: 9 milk jug plugs, stainless steel jump rings, black rubber cord, steel lobster clasp, various glass beads and clear AB crystals.
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