January 21, 2011

365: Day 10, Water dripping art

Yesterday I decided to follow another prompt in the book. Create using only water as the medium or inspiration. Then I thought "ooooh it would be fun to tape construction paper to the wall a draw a cat on it using a spray bottle." So, I did, except for the cat part. Water is not so easy to control when it's being sprayed across the room. It also likes to drip down the paper and wall onto the floor. That's all right cause I am sure that spot on the wall needed cleaning any way. You also get whatever the water wants to create. I find a very active imagination to be most helpful when deciphering what you have accomplished.

I did two water paintings. The blue painting I call "Rain on Machu Picchu".

On my second attempt I taped two pieces of pink construction paper on the wall hoping to get more control over the water. Ha. This one is called "Penguin Hiding in Forest." Can you find him?
This is a fun project and I recommend doing this with kids. First, you are only getting water on the floor--some clean naughty fun going on. Secondly the paper dries overnight and you can do it again or make something else. Give it a try. It's a lot of fun.

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