January 26, 2011

365: Day 14 All Boxed In

Carolann's crane: 5mm
Last night I watched my daughter make tiny origami cranes. Inspired (and wowed), I attempted to make tiny origami boxes. Since I have made several larger boxes in the past as gifts, I thought I might end up with something recognizable.

To make origami so small that it is measured in millimeters, I highly recommend using tweezers. My daughter also suggests using small sticky note squares. Starting off with a true square makes a big difference especially at this challenging size. This probably would have been a little easier if I had used my paper cutter rather than scissors.

My 9mm box and Carolann's bitty crane.
First I measured out a piece of paper 1" square. Then the folding began. Tweezers, the kind used for pearl knotting with very pointy ends, are very useful for creasing the folds as well as coxing the paper into it's final form. My tiny box, complete with a lid is 9mm square.

Both boxes (one is a lid)
How tiny could I go? I cut another square to 3/4". Folding went smoothly, but trying to bend up the sides into a box shape took much longer. I think this is my limit on size. Pics coming as soon as I get the batteries recharged for my camera. :-)

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