January 23, 2011

365: Day 11 Lefty Attempt

Today is catch up day for my blog. Friday night, after working on a quilted pillow for most of the day, again I decided to follow the prompt in the book: create with your non-dominant hand. For me that would be my left hand. I was too lazy to look for my pencils so drawing was out. Cut a snowflake left handed seemed to be the obvious and quick choice. I decided to wing it and not draw a pattern to follow. Some how that felt like cheating. It's not a pretty snowflake and it doesn't even look like a snowflake, but it was done completely left handed. Not easy to cut things with your other hand.

My right hand kept trying to step in and save my left from spraining itself. "You are doing it wrong."

"No stop that!" screamed the left--"damn it. It's my turn." In the end my left hand was really sore and I was glad to be done.

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