January 12, 2011

365: Day 4 Flowers and Dead Dogs sort of...

I started working on the sketches for the Vibrant Dead Dog Skull pillow. I am going to email them to my friend for approval and then it's time to make. Here are some of my preliminary sketches. Bonus points if you can find the cat in the picture.

In the Handmade in Portland site there is a great tutorial for making Hip Felt Flowers. These flowers are really cool and would look great on the Vibrant Dead Cat block I made a couple of days ago. I gave it a go and I have to say that the embroidery on the flowers makes all the difference between yuk and very cool. My flower is really great, but it is a little too big for the quilt block. (I used my scanner rather than take a pic this time).

So today I got two creative things done. Not a bad choice of activities for a snow storm filled day.

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