January 29, 2011

365: Day 15 & 16 Day of the Vibrant Dead Dog

Inspired by the Vibrant Dead Cat, and commissioned to do so, I made a Vibrant Dead Dog pillow. My dead cat was recently featured in the Skull-A-Day Blog. It's a nice article so please check it out.

My friend Amy wanted a really cool gift for (can't tell you that part in case it's for you) and asked me if I would design a dog skull pillow that would look very much like the Vibrant Dead Cat...especially the teeth. I apologize for the terrible pics, but the lighting here is very dim right now and my daughter is waiting for me so we can watch a movie. I will try to post much better ones tomorrow.

Here is the Vibrant Dead Dog:

Here is the back of the pillow. The buttons are gorgeous! I really wanted to keep them in my stash. Do you think Amy will like it? It was a lot of fun to design and create. The finished size fits a 17"-19" pillow form. By the way, despite what today's title suggests I worked on this for more than just Day 15 & 16.

Wait till you see what I drew today. It actually counts as 365: Day 17 but will have to wait until tomorrow. I will give you a clue: It too is dead but this one searches the high seas..not human. Stay tuned, :P

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