January 25, 2011

365: Day 13 Playtime for Veggies

While making dinner I was thinking about my daily creative activity. Yes, I know I missed yesterday, but I have already forgiven myself for that. I did lots of crafting over the weekend that I didn't blog about so I think that makes up for it. (Wait till you see the quilted pillow. It's almost done!)

There is only one thing to do when you are making dinner and pressed for time: play with your food. Yep, I was peeling those carrots and realized that the curly pieces could be coaxed into art or something I could post here

Rabbit head came first. Carrot ends make perfect eyes. Then I realized that this dude could have a full body so I added that too. Here he is:

But I had one last idea to play with or I should say bunch of scraps to sculpt. This little scene reminds my daughter of Kirby's Epic Yarn. I think she is right.

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