January 17, 2011

365: Day 7 Hair I Go Again

Oh the puns. Those silly puns. Hair today gone tomorrow?? Today's creativity was prompted by a comment from Crazy Rebecca (she is featured in today's 365 Make Something Challenge Blog). She thought my idea to create sculpture from hair found in the shower was too funny. Well Rebecca today's post is for you.

Here is the before pic. I know eewwww. But, I must say it was freshly harvested this morning.  For those of you who want to try this I did learn a few things about sculpting or drawing with hair that might help you:
  • collect more hair than you think you need
  • keep the hair wet or it's just too unruly
  • be flexible in your design--hair does not like to make sharp bends or angles
  • scuplting with your own hair is guilt free: you don't mind throwing it out when you are done and it's organic. :p

I was trying to make a cat, but this pile of hair just didn't want to go there. So I took it back to it's roots--blob form. I call this one "Ode to Cousin IT".

With the help of some used match sticks I was able to sculpt "Big Foot's Skull."

Evil Chickenasaurus. This time i made use of my daughter's glove to make the crest. (There is a chicken fingers joke in there some where).

And just for fun I did this "drawing". It reminds me of my pre-school days. I call it "Hair Landscape." Although now that I look at it, it too is looking monster like. What would you say this was?

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